Hiring a Life Coach is a personal choice and should be met with as much information as possible.  I had a negative attitude towards myself for most of my life.  It was only after I learned from a Life Coach how to manage myself that I learned how special my life really is.  The following is my story but written after my transformation…I call it My Persistence to Change.

I’ve often thought that I wanted to be like everybody else.  I knew I was different, but never really understood how or why.  My difference is in my persistence to change.  I have never been resolved to accept myself, physically, mentally, or emotionally, as completed.  I have lived every day seeking improvement.  As much as I love daily routines, rituals, and protocols, it’s the constant tweaking and refinement of the process that motivates me every day.  I am not a static being, but an amazing transformation that has taken a lifetime to achieve…and it’s through my tenuous persistence to change that I have become who I am today. 

I could have written that paragraph any day of my life.  As I look back, I have had small periods of times when I was undeviating and consistent; however, they were mostly short lived.  I have been on a constant pursuit of improvement…to refine what I have and what I know…to improve on what God has given me to make it the best and make Him proud. 

This trait seems to me to be inherent, but as I notice other people, I realize that there are many others who do not share this trait.  I see people stuck in self-defeating behaviors that keep them locked up and stagnant in the life they were dealt.  But daily self-improvement doesn’t need to be hard, although the motivation comes from our lowest and hardest times.

My parents did a great job getting me to where I am today.  As young parents, they had no idea how to raise children.  They both came from abusive and mentally dysfunctional families.  My father’s dad was a serious alcoholic with a wife who was downtrodden and mentally depressed her entire life.  Dad basically raised himself.  My mother’s family could have all participated in “My 600-pound Life” as obesity and alcoholism flourished.  Losing her mother at a very young age, she had no good role models.  Her fear of me developing obesity drove her to try anything to prevent me from becoming overweight.  With out her help, I probably would have.  It is through their influence and help that I have always focused on improving myself physically…and mentally.

My father’s lack of monetary support when I wished to enter college allowed me to develop perseverance as I worked to pay my way through school.  I became self-reliant and determined.  These traits have continued to support me in my everyday life and have shaped me into who I am now. 

Every life has disappointments and failures.  Without them we could never grow.  A plant cannot reach its true potential without vigorous pruning.  I have had many disappointments and failures in my life…divorce, depression, weight challenges…but without them I would not be who I am today.  I thrive today because of my failures.  I did not dwell in my disappointments but looked at ways to improve and make sure that they never happen again.  None of my changes happened in a blink of an eye or in a moment’s notice.  They all took time.  By making small decisions, small tweaks, I was able to develop myself into a person who is grateful, deserving, satisfied, and pleased with myself.

My most valuable and important change in my life came when I met David.  His daily lessons in optimism and perseverance kept me moving forward…from a place of just OK to a place of pursuing excellence.  Our partnership in marriage has been the biggest blessing in my life and the guiding force behind moving me forward.  He introduced me to the idea of writing goals down and being intentional, rather than it happening by accident.  My goals are always met.  The focus of knowing they are there, propels me towards them.  They have developed me into the successful person I have become.

I have challenges every day.  They are part of the human experience.  To deny them and become overwhelmed or frustrated is to give up and become stagnant.  Challenges indicate an area of growth…an area of pruning old ways and ideas and developing new ones.  I don’t want to be stagnant…I want to continue to grow and contribute for the remainder of my life.

My next goal is to share my knowledge and expertise with others as a Life Coach.  I feel that I have been on this journey to learn.  To not share the knowledge of what I have learned about myself would be a waste of this life I have developed.  There are those, like me, who have similar thoughts, problems, challenges, and failures.  I feel impelled to help them rediscover themselves…as I have myself.

I am truly blessed, satisfied, pleased with my life…. I have enough, more than enough, and it is good.

I would love to help you on your journey to write your new story…….

I did it! I hiked Rim to Rim in Grand Canyon!